For READY-TO-ORDER products:

1. CHOOSE YOUR HAPPY THEME: Place order into cart and proceed to checkout

2. WE WILL CONTACT YOU by email requesting:  
- Name and age (for birthdays) 
- Event type (birthday, celebration, bachelor/hen party...etc.) 
- Three photos in high resolution (JPEG, PDF, PNG), front shots, without objects and accessories on face and head...the sillier the better!

3. SEND: We will then personalise and send it to you with love!

Please allow 10 days in between ordering and your party.

For TAILOR-MADE products:

FEEL FREE to contact us and tell us whatever theme you want, how many you want, and your event type…A digital example will be sent to you for approval, and once approved, we will print and send it to you with love!

Please allow minimum 3 weeks in between ordering and the event to allow for custom design time.