FEEL FREE to contact us and tell us whatever theme you want, how many you want, and your type of event…wedding, birthday, bachelor/hen party, corporate event…you just think it, and we'll design it! 

A digital example will be sent to you for approval, and once approved, we will print and send it to you with love!

Please allow minimum 3 weeks in between ordering and the event to allow for custom design time.  


Price depends on quantity and type of product. Minimum order for 20 Tailor-Made products is €30.


Minimum order 20 themed cake toppers / decorative props 
More than 10 different designs  


20 photo-personalized tags  

Bags and ribbons do not come with tags. 
Made from: 
Full colour gloss 270 gsm card and wooden base sticks 

All our products are handmade with love and may vary in size. Dimensions vary according to theme. All sizes are approximate. 

Toppers: 13x6 cm 
Decorative Props: 20x6 cm 
Tags: 6x6 cm

Sorry, there are currently no products available at this collection.